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Abomi Spotlight: Bundowl & Stampeak!

This week's new Abomi Spotlight is for the evolution of the much-loved Cuddowl: Bundowl! This Ice/Air-type Abomi loves to stay warm.

Bundowl's feathers around its neck have grown so thick that it uses them like a scarf to keep warm. It also has a similar tuft of yellow feathers on its stomach that it uses to warm its hands. Bundowl shows off its high intelligence with a large Special Attack stat.

And the existing Abomi I'm detailing this week is none other than the colossal Stampeak! It's Alpetite's final evolution, and is also Earth-type. Stampeak is the largest Abomi so far, towering over even fully-evolved Abomis like the Tundrage and Zardivvy pictured above. Its mountainous shell is hard as stone, and it boasts a Defense stat that's unmatched.

This week, I made some tweaks to the UI and got six more Abomis done, bringing my total to 66/100. Let's hope Animal Crossing doesn't prevent me from getting too much work done.

See you next week,



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