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Abomi Spotlight: Fulluna!

This week's Abomi Spotlight is on Fulluna: the evolved form of Halfoon and the fully-evolved form of Crescelene!

As could be expected by something called Halfoon, it's evolved into a full moon that's come out to spook the Crescelene family.

But with a full moon comes a dark side. Taking inspiration from werewolves, Fulluna grows a pair of floating clawed hands, ears with a gemstone interior, and a constellation tail. Its eyes are also perfect circles to reflect Crescelene's crescent eyes and Halfoon's half-moon eyes.

Speaking of its eyes, they've become sunken in on the dark side of the moon. They say anyone close enough to a Fulluna to see what lies beneath its shadowy visage is already dead.

This week was insanely productive for me. I've just about wrapped up making the final boss and ending cutscene. I wouldn't dare spoil it here, but I can't wait for people to see it when they play the game themselves!

See you next week,



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